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Brand Placement Services

Brand Placement Services

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Gifting Services, LLC builds turnkey solutions to help brands develop consumer brand loyalty, develop new products, activate distribution and retail relationships, support those distributors and retailers with field sales and marketing, then activate consumer trial and adoption through televised sponsored events, television integration and televised product placement.

Gifting Services, LLC creates consumer traffic and brand awareness through film, televised media, print media, radio and pr campaigns. Our team of industry veterans and talented professionals provide the tools, the team and programs to help you develop key accounts and maintain those relationships utilizing the best practices in talent, technology and management that will allow our clients to reach their fullest potential. We create the mystique and allure consumers strive for.

Services We Offer:

  • On-Set Celebrity Gifting Suites
  • Direct Celebrity Placement
  • Implied and Direct Celebrity Endorsements
  • Celebrity Seeding
  • Branded Entertainment
  • Network Integration
  • Televised Sponsorships
  • Mobile Video Media
  • Product Placement
  • Field Sales & Marketing
  • Multicultural Initiatives
Celebrity Placement

Gifting Services develops powerful implied celebrity endorsement photo opportunities, personal appearances and product showcasing that can establish your company as the choice of today's hottest celebrities. From award shows, gift bags/ gift lounges, charity events, celebrity parties and launch parties. We can get your product placed into the hands of today's most influential celebrities.

Film/TV Placement & On-Set Gifting Suites

Gifting Services LLC works with the highest rated shows on television shows and 20-30 feature films that are in production at any given time. Gifting Services is the premiere gifting company for on-set Gifting Suites guaranteeing direct placement of your product to celebrities on the hottest shows, but also photos of each celebrity who receives your product standing in front of your dedicated press wall with your and only your logo. Instead of sending out products to prop masters with no promise they will even see your product let alone feature it; we contract our services with hit shows and deliver results.

Press & Publicity Campaign

Gifting Services, LLC promotes our clients and their products through On-Air & Magazine Placements. From nationally syndicated entertainment magazine television shows to widely circulated publications. We contribute to these media outlets in their desire to keep tabs on the pulse of what’s new and hot.

Additionally, our series of "Gift the Press Suites" gives you direct access to top press agents allowing you to personally meet and pitch your product to media outlets such as E!, Glamour Magazine, In Style, GQ, AOL and the list goes on and on.

Video Game Placement:

Gifting Services, LLC works with the leading video game companies to get your brand, product or ad on the hottest titles in the industry. Video game placement is not just a one time event, it lives on forever.

TV Integration

Gifting Services, LLC provides integrated brand placement for your brand or product on Premium Cable and TV Networks. Have your brand integrated into each episode with storyline inclusion, in-show presence, product placement, verbal mention and signage, to print advertising, out-of-home/outdoor coverage and DVD integration throughout the episode to support your brand.

Integration Facts:
  • TV Networks: All Majors
  • Cable Networks: All Networks
  • Filming Dates: January 2010 – December 2010
  • Where: US and International Markets
  • Air Dates: Throughout the 2010 and 2011 calendar year
Integration Platforms

Storyline Integration, In-Show Presence, Organic Integration, Product Placement, Verbal Mention and Signage

Ancillary Options
  • VOD- Video On Demand
  • :05 billboard followed by a :30 commercial unit airing prior to each program and a long form commercial unit (5 minutes) running at the conclusion of each program.
  • Mobile VOD options range from lead-up vignettes, key promotions, video streaming, mobile club, SMS messages, ringtones, wallpapers
  • Viral Series
  • Webisodes
Consumer Integration
  • Print advertising
  • Local and national radio promotion
  • Local and national cable advertising
  • Out-of-home/Outdoor coverage.
Consumer Marketing
  • DVD release through on-pack advertising
  • Pre-roll commercial unit
  • Post-roll long form creative
  • Interactive extensions on DVD and package inserts.
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