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Robert Olejar
Founder, CEO

Robert Olejar
Founder, CEO

Robert Olejar, founder of Gifting Services, is a graduate of Michigan State University and has 20 years experience in the entertainment industry. In 1991 he began his work to revolutionize the modeling and acting industries. In a time when the Internet could only display text and only 1 in 100 Americans had an email address, Olejar was designing a structure to transmit images, manage castings, career planning and every aspect of business for models, actors and their clients on a global bases. The task proved extremely difficult. This was prior to the time in the advertising world where computer usage was prevelant; there was not a single major modeling and acting agency using electronic databases of images and data for castings, scheduling and general operations. In fact, there were almost no computers in any talent office on earth.

His research and design work was awarded a United States patent. Olejar is responsible for the first talent database with scheduling, first casting through a computer and first electronic talent images online. His revolutionary structure was implemented in six continents and every major talent market. Spanning nine languages and over thirty currencies, his work took a basically local industry and made it global. Olejar’s organizational format has been emulated by several dozen companies and is now the foundation of the modern modeling and acting industries.

Along the way Olejar has been interviewed or written about in over 50 publications including the New York Post, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur, Vogue, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Women’s Wear Daily, Backstage, Chicago Tribune, London Times, and several more…

Gifting Services was formed as a solution to a true business problem, much like his organization of the talent industry. The gifting industry had lost its focus as being a business and was lost in a sea of parties and false promises by event planners. By taking an elite team of legitimate business-minded people to form a company focused on the true business goals of companies, Gifting Services was born. From the first day of its first suite, Gifting Services has led the gifting industry. So far so good.

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