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Lifestyle Lounge

Setting yet another standard for the industry we introduce the "Lifestyle Lounge"

Lifestyle Lounge
For 2010 we have introduced the new "Lifestyle Lounge." The lounge is a beautifully interior designed space for celebrities to take the lifestyle product shots for our top sponsors. The ultimate brand building shot will always be the celebrity face next to a company logo, but several sponsors have also been asking about additional "real life" pictures of celebrities with products. Instead of just having a picture of a celeb holding a product, we have taken it to the next level and introduced quality lifestyle pictures in gorgeous interiors.

Our Lifestyle Lounge is completely renovated every month so the press doesn't get overwhelmed with photos of the same location. Each month the lounge will be transformed by top interior designers from around the world. One month it may look like a luxury hotel, the next month a romantic ski resort or maybe even a hot nightclub. The Lifestyle Lounge is being designed and renovated constantly so be ready for a surprise. You never know what you will see in magazines next week. Most likely it will be our lounge.

"As a celebrity gifting company we also work closely with over 100 magazines like Maxim, Forbes, Cosmopolitan, Elle, GQ, and Vogue."

The Lifestyle Lounge is also be available for television and movie studios as a filming location. Since it is a unique design each month, the shows will benefit from the exclusivity of the design. We have everything a show would want in an amazing loft with high ceilings for all the studio lighting, and second floor balconies for camera video cameras and the film crew.

As a celebrity gifting company, we also work closely with over 100 magazines like Maxim, Forbes, Cosmopolitan, Elle, GQ, and Vogue. These magazines are invited to use the location for photoshoots. Some of the world's top photographers use the location for their own editorial or campaign shoots. The space has a lot of potential.

At the end of every month, our lounge is taken apart and gifted to our celebrity and VIP clients. Some months it may all go to one celeb and other months it make be divided among a group. This is amazing stuff, so who calls first dibs on the sofa?

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